You can’t hear me.
I’m too far to be heard.
Let the winds deliver my message.
Darling, I miss you so much!

I recall our talks , my heart feels good.
Its not my heart but my soul that’s missing you.
I’m dying to be with you.
Come, before I die.



Ek pal ki parayshani ho tou sabr kiya jaata hai.
Mudatoon ki parayshani tou farishtay bhi  na sahay.

Sabr-e-jameel ki intiha  hojaati hai.
Ashq aur lab jab muraad se khushq ho.

Dil na umeed jab ho.
Asr ka wo waqt aur karbala ki wo zameen yaad aajati hai.

The plan!

When I grow up I will be a philosopher . I will have my Bunglow infront of a beautiful lake and I will live a lavish life. Ah! These dreams and plans. How much do we dream and plan in our life and how do we really describe these plans?

Plan is a word which makes us jump with elation even before we execute it. Some of us plan things in school, some in college and some after college,some plan at work. We plan our wedding ,we plan our jobs and career path and we plan so much for our future. Does it always work? Does it come to life ? What do we do if our plans don’t work? Why are we so hesitant to plan and most importantly hesitant to execute the plan ? We fear to fail , we fear to be disappointed. But is it the end of the world? We can always plan again and always come up with a better and stronger plan.

I have planned so many things in my life but never ever have I succeeded in executing all the plans that I have made . Saying that I was never disappointed or disheartened would be a blatant lie. I have cried and I have also consoled myself. I wake up every morning as a new person who has learned a lot from these FAILED PLANS.

You may not believe in luck, I do . It has a lot to do with our plans. So it’s not you who failed in planning things in your life. There is something else interfering and that’s your luck. Don’t curse yourself and don’t blame yourself. Don’t stop here ,move on and that’s the key.

If we keep holding on to the same things and crying over the same thing , we will never know the real essence of life. “It will happen someday” should be our mantra.

Life is beautiful and short so don’t let failed plans sap you. Remember ,YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.

Who is Hur?

Muharram is the first month of the Islamic year. Many of us know what has happened in this month and many don’t. I believe it’s our responsibility to educate people.

I am sure we all know who is Imam Hussain (A. S) but I want some of my friends should  know  about his companions as well. The battle of Karbala was fought on the 10th day of Muharram and 72 people were martyered. Many of them were the immediate family members of our beloved Imam (A. S). Restrain yourself from calling karbala  a political battle. Had it been a political battle, our Imam wouldn’t take women and Children with him. Coming back to the topic, how many of you know about Hur(A. S)?
I will try to write a few things about him.
He was the highest ranking commander of the army of Omar – ibn-Saad who stood against the grandson of Prophet (P. B.U.H) with the orders of Yazid(L.A)
Hur(A.S)kept Imam and his army under siege and prevented  Imam’s army from getting water.
As we know Allah is the best guide. Hur (A. S), made a decision on the night of Ashura, right before the battle started and decided to Join Imam and stood against oppression. He was the first martyr. He stood against thousands of men and fought  against Yazid.
Hur means Free, freeborn or freeman.
The way Allah guided Hur (A. S) , may HE guide us all aswell and we know what we have to stand for. Hur(A.S)  wasn’t a blind follower. He knew Imam Hussain(A. S) and he knew Yazid.
Let’s all try to be like Hur (A.S) and stand against oppression. 

I failed again!

When I thought I came far from the miseries and sorrows ,I failed again.
The Broken heart healed slowly with your love  but I failed again.
You made me believe I was alive and made me laugh.
You made my days brighter and  nights warmer.
I believed in love and the love was you .
I thought of you and my thoughts failed again.
I don’t see I am going anywhere without you.
The pain would remain.
Alas!I can’t live again.
Oh dear! I failed again!


My fall is like the autumn leaves
But I grow like flowers in spring.

I can be as cold as the harsh winters
But my warmth would remind you of summers

I am the rain that pours after drought
I am the breeze you would love in spring

Like snow I may last longer
And I am the prolonged monsoon rain

I change like seasons
But you bring that change in me.


There is Chaos in her mind, storm in her heart &
Sorrow in the eyes.
How does her face look so calm?
Her smile is beautiful but has a story to tell.

The spark is gone and so is her life.
Like a lifeless tree she mourns the death of the leaves.
Why does she look like a nightingale who can’t sing anymore?

What are her eyes searching for? Is it a memory that she’s living in or can she feel the memory?

Death departs us, she says.
Who has left her alone?
Darling we all die, only to meet again.

Come let’s sit at the shore and wait for the tide of death to come.
Come let’s sing in melancholy and dance in pain.
Let your bruised soul breathe a little before it dies again.


You are the early morning dew  & I am the endless rain!

You are the winter sunshine & i am the cold breeze!

You are  the fresh snowfall and i am the prolonged winter.

We are united yet separated.

A thought

How difficult is to detach yourself from the things or people you are emotionally attached with?

Ever wondered if it’s possible to sleep without a dream or dream without a sleep?

My friend,It’s equally impossible!


She gulped down the fear, She veiled her pride, As she gives vent to the feelings that had been caged for years.

She doesn’t cry and her heart doesn’t weep but her souls laments.

Why don’t you come and calm her soul ? She is stuck in this storm and she is crying out your name.

Oh! The dignity holds you back.

Alas! Her love couldn’t caste a spell on you.

You stole her innocence and broke her strength.

And here she is lost in thoughts Thinking how beautiful it could be.