My fall is like the autumn leaves But I grow like flowers in spring. I can be as cold as the harsh winters But my warmth would remind you of summers I am the rain the pours after drought I am the breeze you would love in spring Like snow I may last longer And … Continue reading Seasons



There is Chaos in her mind, storm in her heart & Sorrow in the eyes. How does her face look so calm? Her smile is beautiful but has a story to tell. The spark is gone and so is her life. Like a lifeless tree she mourns the death of the leaves. Why does she … Continue reading Seperation


You are the early morning dew  & I am the endless rain! You are the winter sunshine & i am the cold breeze! You are  the fresh snowfall and i am the prolonged winter. We are united yet separated.

A thought

How difficult is to detach yourself from the things or people you are emotionally attached with? Ever wondered if it's possible to sleep without a dream or dream without a sleep? My friend,It's equally impossible!

Ya rab 

Ishq-e-Ellahi ne dewaana Mujhe kar dia bohat. Samandar may mai sajday karta gaya. Ibaadat may guftagoo Jab hui tujhse, Ya rab! Teray noor aur rutbay ko Samjhta gaya.  Raabta hua mera meray khaliq se Jab.  Mai makhlooq be zubaan banta gaya!