Your opinion matters!

Make sure your opinion your thought is respected and you are listened to. That counts under self respect and not ego.

It’s easy to differentiate who listens, understands and respects your point of view and who doesn’t.

People who come under the first category are the people who love you the most (mostly your parents) and people who like you who don’t respect your opinion are mostly people who like you and not Love you.

Learn to differentiate between love and like and you would never be hurt again.

P. S : There is no love like parents love. Feel blessed if you have been loved by all.

Random Thoughts

  1. You only live once  but who said you die once ? Some people die everyday.
  2. How sad is it that girls were buried alive in past but now  times have changed ,girls aren’t buried now  but they are buried .

3. People will lose you without even noticing how they lost you.


A Dark Tunnel

Imagine ,you have been through a lot of dark tunnels and phases of your life. You were too scared to walk alone. You tumbled and you were nervous as well but you did manage to come out of these dark tunnels one by one. You did it yourself ,didn’t you?
So while travelling through one of these you saw someone.Somone shining as bright as Sun. This person held your hand and lit your path so that you both could walk together. You forgot about all the darkness and fear . It’s not dark for you anymore. It’s just a bright path .
Suddenly, this light starts getting dimmer. You can’t see the path clearly and find yourself alone again. How do you feel? Are you scared? Scared to walk alone ? Have you forgotten to travel alone on the darkest path and in the darkest time. NO, you haven’t. You just realized you just got dependent on the Sun. This Sun had to set too.
We deal with the darkness of life alone. Some may come hold our hand but they aren’t going to walk it for you. You have learn to walk alone. You can’t UNLEARN your struggles and difficulties you have overcome so far.
We all experience the good and the bad days, the bright and the dark days but you know somehow bad and dark days overpower the bright and good days. It gets gloomy all around everytime.
It’s nice to have a sunny day always but we need to remember it will rain someday and the sun you have always loved so much may not rise. There, you need to learn to enjoy the rain. If you travel alone out of these dark dead tunnels alone you wouldn’t be dependent on anyone ever. Being dependent on people to overcome your troubles is the biggest mistake.
Walk through this tunnel, be your own light and see how brightness follows you. Remember, at the end of every dark tunnel there is light and you will reach there someday.

Bleak Emptiness!

Don’t feel forlorn in crowd.
Don’t be a mess in calmness.
Be wild in freedom.
Be bold in timidness.
Spread the roots of sanity.
Spread the wings of esctasy.
Never Bow down to your troubles.
Never despair in worries.
Rise high with the waves of contentment.
Rise up to sparkle the sky.
Live for thyself.
Live to live once.

Count your blessings!

How excited were w e about 2020? What did we picture? Flying cars, Robots on streets , time machine and what not? Here we are all quarantined. Now we are all disappointed because it didn’t work the way the way we wanted it to work .Aren’t we all cribbing? An invisible virus  has taken hold of our lives and ruling our lives. We have realized we all are so helpless. We can’t even step out.  Now we have got time to think about the world, the people and the poor.

How thankless have we all become? People are cribbing and crying over petty things. Shouldn’t we be glad and be thankful that we are safe. We have a house and quality food to eat. People have lost their life and families to Covid-19. They couldn’t even attend their funeral. How sad is it that you can’t even bid farewell to your loved ones’.  We are only house bound but still have a privilege to watch Netflix in our Ac rooms on comfy sofas.Think about those who have absolutely nothing to eat at the moment. Please don’t crib because your favorite restaurant or bar isn’t open. Life is much more than that. Look back at your life and see what prerogative life we all have lived.  If you are tired of working from home then you must know that there are many who have lost their job.

It’s high time that we should all learn to care ,to give and  to contribute. Learn to be happy about things that you have had all these years than being sad about things that  you don’t have. Honestly, we freak out more when we are thankless. Stop cribbing and learn to count your blessings!

Can broken things be fixed ?

Isn’t it always sad to see everything that’s beautiful, broken ? Our hearts sink a little to see broken things . It may be a beautiful flower in a garden that has been plucked or a beautiful neck piece that you have preserved all your life . It could be a mirror you loved looking into or a toy you loved playing with. How does an artist feel about a broken color ? Ask an instrumentalist about a broken guitar string .Ever asked someone in love about a broken heart? Would you call a disconnected life a broken life?

If fixed , can a broken thing still look beautiful. May be yes or may be not or may be it totally depends on who fixes it . A painting looks lifeless or lively. Depends on what an artist chooses to do with the canvas.We all are broken somewhere .Some have healed, some fixed and some are still broken . Broken people may feel worthless but are they really worthless ? Life as they say is a puzzle and it’s definitely not an easy one to solve .

Fixing your life is important. Nobody will fix it for you .Fix it yourself. Heal your soul ,heal your heart most importantly ,heal your mind. You may evolve as a different person. When you look at your life 10 years down the lane or take a trip down the memory lane you will always see a happy ,carefree person. Today , misery may have overpowered everything. Life isn’t a broken toy or a mirror that if not fixed ,then discarded. Life is more like a broken color. It’s broken but still functions.

So, broken things cannot be fixed completely but partially . A partially fixed diamond will shine but won’t shine bright. Anything that teaches you a lesson comes with a heavy price to pay. So, if you say your life has taught you a lesson, remember you have paid a price for that lesson. You become a hollow person who demands to be fixed.

Free Spirit

Lift the cover from the roots of your heart.
Let the flowers of your heart bloom.
Let your spirit be free and wild.
Dance like a lunatic on the sound of the rain.
Look for yourself in the mirror of the ocean.
See how you look like a pearl.
Roam like a sufi on the streets.
For what has to come will come.

Light the world like sun.
Be the moon in the dark night.
Hold yourself up high.
Let the sound of the wind take you away.
Lose your sanity like a drunkard.
Taste the wine of the life.
Smile back at all the miseries.
No storm can move you.
Lift the cover from the roots of your heart.
Let it shine like a star.


Mai hoon b aur nahi bhi hoon
Mera wajood he akhir  kya hai.

Zanjeer may bandi  hai zindagi
Aur rooh hai Qabza-e -Ellahi may

Nazrain uthi tou hisaab  dia,
Jhuki tou jaan di.

Ikhtiyaar-e-khaliq jo hai ye saans bhi.
Tou Tamana aur arzoo’n ko bhi  Dafnah dia.






It’s Ok To Be Depressed.

You never know how strong you are until you deal with the most difficult situation in your life. There can be a mountain of responsibilities and you don’t know how to climb that mountain, until you do. You may want to give up when you are halfway through the situation but you feel you are stuck, stuck in between. There is no going back,there is a long way ahead of you. What do you want to do ? Give up , cry or fight ? Choice is yours and it’s a difficult choice. Giving up is easier . I give up so many times and then realise I am almost there. We give up because we are tired , tired of fighting with the problems and it doesn’t look easy , specially when you don’t see a support around . But remember, you are that support. You started this journey on your own and you don’t need anyone to finish it with you or for you.
Depression may hit us hard. We see everyone is doing well in their lives in one way or the other. The worst thing you can do with yourself is to compare your life with others. I am here not because I chose to be here . I am here may be because I am the strongest one and I have been chosen to deal with this. Rather than feeling cursed ,should we not consider it as a blessing ?
Depression can break you . There is always a limit to deal with the ordeals in life . Embrace it ,face it, fight it. We all feel depressed in life,sooner or later. You must know ,It’s ok to be depressed. Every winter is followed by spring.