There are times in our lives when we miss something so badly and we want something so badly but we don't know exactly what it is? A person? A place? May be PEACE would do.  We want to stay away from everyone we know, we want to spend sometime alone and that is completely normal. We … Continue reading Peace!

My Hometown

It has been 5 long years since I have visited my beautiful hometown in winters.This place brings out the best in me. I want to feel the wind again and enjoy the cozy winter nights with kangri  and  coffee.I miss the smile on my face when  I used to see  the white blanket has covered … Continue reading My Hometown

A memory

You winked as I blushed ,you sang and my heart rushed. Alas! The delicacy in the moment was deceptive. The feeling of love was subtle and so were the thoughts of togetherness. My love was eternal and your feelings were transient. Your words were the holy verses and your gestures were my sacred moves. Your … Continue reading A memory


She sets off in  quest of happiness . She faces ordeals and falls into quagmires of disappointments  but she holds herself tight and strong. The spirit of loves keeps her alive.She is filled with longing to hear his voice. To the Shooting stars she prays and hopes the dim light of the moon will show … Continue reading Quest