It’s Ok To Be Depressed.

You never know how strong you are until you deal with the most difficult situation in your life. There can be a mountain of responsibilities and you don’t know how to climb that mountain, until you do. You may want to give up when you are halfway through the situation but you feel you are stuck, stuck in between. There is no going back,there is a long way ahead of you. What do you want to do ? Give up , cry or fight ? Choice is yours and it’s a difficult choice. Giving up is easier . I give up so many times and then realise I am almost there. We give up because we are tired , tired of fighting with the problems and it doesn’t look easy , specially when you don’t see a support around . But remember, you are that support. You started this journey on your own and you don’t need anyone to finish it with you or for you.
Depression may hit us hard. We see everyone is doing well in their lives in one way or the other. The worst thing you can do with yourself is to compare your life with others. I am here not because I chose to be here . I am here may be because I am the strongest one and I have been chosen to deal with this. Rather than feeling cursed ,should we not consider it as a blessing ?
Depression can break you . There is always a limit to deal with the ordeals in life . Embrace it ,face it, fight it. We all feel depressed in life,sooner or later. You must know ,It’s ok to be depressed. Every winter is followed by spring.

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